Customer Support

Entrust recognizes the importance of providing quick and easy access to our support resources. The following subsections provide details about the technical support and professional services available to you.

Technical support

Entrust offers a variety of technical support programs to help you keep Entrust products up and running. To learn more about the full range of Entrust technical support services, visit our Web site at: www.entrust.com

If you are registered for our support programs, you can use our Web-based support services.

Entrust TrustedCare Online offers technical resources including online versions of Entrust product documentation, white papers and technical notes, and a comprehensive Knowledge Base at: https://trustedcare.entrust.com

If you contact Entrust Customer Support, provide as much of the following information as possible:

Email address

The email address for Customer Support is: support@entrust.com. Product installation or support issues must be opened with Customer Support.

To submit a question online, go to our Web address: http://www.entrust.com

Issuance (Beta) Email Support

Issuance customers may send support questions to: II-API-Support@entrust.com

Professional Services

The Entrust team assists e-businesses around the world to deploy and maintain secure transactions and communications with their partners, customers, suppliers and employees. Entrust offers a full range of professional services to deploy our e-business solutions successfully for wired and wireless networks, including planning and design, installation, system integration, deployment support, and custom software development.

Whether you choose to operate your Entrust solution in-house or subscribe to hosted services, Entrust Professional Services will design and implement the right solution for your e-business needs. For more information about Entrust Professional Services visit our Web site at: http://www.entrust.com