Identity as a Service API Deprecation Policy

As Identity as a Service evolves with new features and capabilities we must occasionally make changes to our APIs that modify or remove certain functionalities.

We make every effort to ensure that we keep our APIs stable and preserve backwards compatibility however sometimes these changes result in breaking changes to our APIs.

When we do introduce a breaking change we will introduce a new major version of the API and deprecate the old version. We will continue to support the deprecated version until it reaches End of Life and is removed. In certain cases an API may not be replaced by a new version.


Breaking Change: A change to an API that will cause failures in the API Consumer's application.

Deprecated: Tenants using a deprecated API at the time of deprecation will continue to be able to use it. While it will continue to be supported and minimally maintained, no additional functionality will be added.

Migration: The process by which a customer transitions from using a deprecated API.

End Of Life Date: The date when an API is removed from Identity as a Service.

End Of Life: The API is removed from Identity as a Service. Continued use of API will result in errors.

API Migration

When we deprecate an API we will publish a Migration guide to allow customers to prepare for the End Of Life Date.

Migrations will generally involve replacing the deprecated API call with a new API call (although in rare cases we may elect to discontinue support for some functionality entirely) and modifying your application's code so that it can continue working with the new behavior. We will publish a migration guide which will detail any action required.

Whenever possible, we will provide at least a six-month migration window between the End Of Life announcement and the End Of Life Date. This time frame may be accelerated in cases of emergency, such as critical vulnerability remediation, or changes required to comply with applicable law or third-party certification standards. In these cases, Entrust will provide as much prior notice as is reasonable under the circumstances. See our Terms of Service for more information. See the API Deprecations page for a list of all ongoing and past API deprecations.